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“Help Us Make Jesus Famous … Because we think He’s been getting a bad rap!”

During our 10 plus years in ministry; we have had the privilege of serving in a variety of rolls. From being an Associate Pastor on staff at a church in Vero Beach, Florida, working with youth groups, starting and Pastoring a church in Tampa, Florida for 5 years, and traveling across the country and in other countries to share the Good News of Jesus Christ; we have personally and in the lives of countless people seen what happens when an individual awakens to their New Identity in Christ! 

It is my passion and purpose to uplift, inspire, and encourage people from all walks of life that it is possible to live your God given destiny.  This is only possible when more and more people come to the knowledge of the real Jesus.  Not the religious Jesus.  Not the holy rollers idea of Jesus, but the Jesus that meets us at our need, loves us through our baggage and sacrificed His life so that we could be given a New Life!

Throughout our years of ministry we have never reached out and asked for others to donate or partner with us to spread this amazing message of FREEDOM.  However, there are a couple things that we have come to realize:

 1.  There are people, like us, that want to help and they want to partner with a ministry that is 100% focused on seeing people make real transformation in their lives.

 2. If we are going to expand our opportunities to reach more people with this life changing message; then we must have the support of people just like you.

So, here is what we are asking for and some of the specifics to what you support will provide. Our goal is to raise $10,000 in one time donations, and to also identify a Team of Partners that feel led to partner with us on a continuous basis.

 Current Needs:

 1. Five months ago we launched a once per month event called. “The ComeUnity Celebration.”  We meet at Silver King Brewing Company in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Our goal is to develop true community with both the churched and the unchurched by meeting people in their environment.  Like I always say, “What better place to hang out and talk about Jesus than your local bar.”  This event costs us $700 per month. We are looking to raise the funds to support the event for the remainder of 2016 and our larger vision is to see this event spread to other cities across the country.

 2. A little over a year ago, I wrote my first book – “Disruptive Grace – God’s Grace For The Good Life!”  We have seen this book have a major impact on people’s lives, and therefore, we believe it is time to reprint the book and to work with a publisher that can assist us in putting the book in the hands of more people.  Cost:  $4,000

 3. We are working for opportunities to go into more businesses, churches, schools, sport teams and conferences to share this message; and because our desire is to reach more people; we are not asking for any upfront money or speaking fees.  Usually, we are covering our travel expenses and other costs.  Having more consistent resources will allow us to reach more people.

Bottom Line:  We want to reach more people! To make a onetime donation – Click on the Donate Tab.  If you are compelled to become a Partner of the ministry, please call me directly so we can talk:  772-480-4529

 Visit our website to learn more about me and our ministry: Thank you for your support!

 Living In Freedom Everyday!

 James Wood

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