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How BoostMeUp Works

BoostMeUp is a fundraising platform for individuals, charities, nonprofits, and teams or groups. Whether the financial need is individual or group based, or the need is issue or cause driven, we give you the tools to drive awareness and raise money faster. BoostMeUp subscribes to the belief that fundraising should be user friendly and FUN, not overwhelming, stressful, or confusing. It’s as easy as…

CREATE YOUR CAMPAIGN with a customized fundraising page in minutes.

With BoostMeUp, you will spend more time on what’s important, your cause! From our simple interface, you can manage and analyze your fundraising campaign. Our site offers an amazingly simple format that helps you build truly engaging messages that will motivate your donors to support your fundraising efforts. While some fundraising sites focus mainly on large national charities, BoostMeUp is the only company that offers both individuals or teams and groups the ability to  raise awareness and generate funds to support their cause or needs. Regardless of how much money you are trying to raise, BoostMeUp gives you complete control over the content, images, sharing frequency, and sharing options.

SHARE YOUR STORY and fundraising need with friends, family, and the community at-large.

In just a few clicks, your BoostMeUp fundraising page can be shared with the masses, or just a few – your choice! You can get the word out by importing all of your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, or email supporters individually. You can also post to Facebook or Twitter in the blink of an eye, which is highly recommended. In fact, our data suggests that sharing your fundraiser through Facebook and Twitter, in addition to email, can generate up to 50% more donations than sharing through email alone. You can also print flyers directly from your BoostMeUp account page about your fundraiser, that you can distribute in whatever manner you choose. 

RAISE MONEY in a way that is FUN, engaging, and beneficial to your cause.

Your fundraising efforts can go on for as long as there is a need. BoostMeUp does not impose a set campaign duration. As you receive donations, you are free to access your account and release a portion or all of the funds to your account at any time. In addition to fixed one-time donations, BoostMeUp even provides your supporters the option of setting up reoccurring donations on a bi-weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You will be amazed at how much support your cause will generate. We truly make account management and donation tracking effortless.