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  We have been in ministry for over 10 years, and during this time we have seen what happens in a person’s life when they experience the reality that God is good and that He is only out for their good.

I am on a mission to reach 20 million+ people with this life changing message of God's Disruptive Grace!  I wrote this vision down in 2010, and yes it's bold!  Some would say would say impossible or just plain ridiculous.  I would say, it's Disruptive!  I can see thousands in stadiums, arenas and churches across the globe.  I envision people from all walks of life; being set free, and released to live their highest calling.  I believe that millions of lives are going to be positively impacted through the Disruptive Grace Project.

During our years in ministry we have never asked for others to donate or partner with us to spread this life changing message of hope.  However, we have come to realize a couple of very important things:

1.  There are people like us, that want to help and they want to partner with a ministry that is 100% focused on helping others live their God given destiny.

2.     If we are going to fulfill our God given destiny and reach the masses; we must have the support of likeminded people like you.

So, we are seeking your support to launch “The Disruptive Grace Project”

God’s Grace is disruptive because it always interrupts or impedes something that is already in place, and when a person experiences that Grace; they are changed forever.

The Disruptive Grace Project will consist of but is not limited to the following:

1.        The Disruptive Grace Tour – We are beginning a tour at local churches and other venues in cities across the United States.  This tour is 100% about sharing this message with more and more people, and will include powerful worship led by Joanna Beasley, and will be designed to bring hope, encouragement and to lift up and inspire The Body of Christ to pursue their God given destiny.  This will grow into weekend workshops to equip people in everything from ministry, money, marriage and so much more.

2.       ComeUnity Celebration – We are preparing to relaunch our monthly event held at a local microbrewery; where we intend to take the message to the people.  At this event, we have been graced by the microbreweries owners to come in on a Thursday night and we provide music, food and are given the opportunity to share the gospel.  We have seen amazing results when we bring the church to real people in a setting that they’re comfortable in.

3.       Disruptive Grace Book – A couple of years ago, I wrote my first book – “Disruptive Grace: God’s Grace For The Good Life!”  This quickly became a great tool to teach people of God’s goodness.  We are planning to print more books so that we can put them in the hands of more people.

Our initial goal is to raise $20,000.  All of your donations will help us reach people locally and throughout the United States with this life transforming message of God’s Disruptive Grace!



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The Grace message is what James Wood Live is all about. Focused on the Good of God including his Great Plan for Our Powerful Positive Walk w/ Him. Thank you, Brother James. Scott Bueling
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